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Introducing Our New Team Member- Ashley
Ashley Head shot.png

Ashley was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. Since moving to Canada Ashley has graduated from the Health and Fitness Program at Georgian College and is a certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, the Golden standard of Exercise Science. 

Ashley always was busy with sports such as soccer, flag football, volleyball and swimming growing up, but once graduating from high school her healthy living habits did not follow. Taking a year off to back pack the world was a decision she will never regret, but coming back from travel at her heaviest was not a lifestyle she wanted. This sparked the drive to understand the body, study the concepts and science behind it, and ultimately practice a healthy lifestyle.   

Ashley has been a trainer for 5 years. Having the experience to help individuals with diabetes, weight loss, knee and hip injury to anxiety and depression management through exercise etc. While also becoming an instructor and the Ambassador of her previous location she is ready to transition to ActiveNorth for a more personalized gym setting, and working beside a team of knowledgeable individuals in all aspects of health.

Ashley will begin with ActiveNorth starting the week of November 6th, and will be offering classes throughout the week, as well as private and semi-private training.  ActiveNorth will be posting class schedules and options for training the night of the Witches Walk in Coldwater, On.  If you do not know what works best for you exercise wise, please see recent Talk of the Town article below:

Private Training vs. Group Training

The emphasis health professionals are putting on physical fitness for long term wellness has been at the forefront of staving of disease, increasing mobility and independence, and leading a fulfilled life.  Two of the greatest ways to begin a journey into the fitness world is through private training or group training. 

Private training consists of one on one exercise and conditioning with a qualified personal trainer.  The benefits of one on one are exercise are; programming specifically for you, consistent monitoring of fitness goals through journalizing daily feats, complete attention to gross movement patterns with emphasis on techniques, and someone to keep you honest in the gym and makes sure you do the work.

Group training also has its benefits.  Some of these include; support from others, less intimidating being surrounded by peers pursuing the same goals, a sense of community, and less damaging to the wallet. 

Ultimately, an individual has to decide what is right for them.  Some do prefer the attention they receive with private training, while others see social and supportive elements to exercise.  One has to consider if they just want to get in, do the work, and get out, or prefer to socialize between warmups, workouts and cool downs. 

More often than not, it comes down to cost.  Group training can be significantly less than private training, and many prefer to go this route.  You might not get as much attention to detail in your workouts, but with a certified fitness instructor with experience in their corner, they can help you achieve your goals.