ActiveNorth Physiotherapy Offering Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a physiotherapy based program tailored to each individuals needs.  It is a one on two program; one patient working with a physiotherapist and an exercise designate to help promote the healing process of injury, pain or post surgery.

The benefits of exercise therapy go above and beyond the benefits of the usual hands on, manual physiotherapy treatment and specific exercise regime for the specific injured areas.  It involves strengthening and conditioning the body as a whole.  Exercise therapy has been linked to further decrease recovery times, increase the strength of injured areas, provide greater ranges of motion, increase cardiovascular capacity, and increase overall health.

Adding resistance training into physiotherapy treatment will not only strengthen the site of recovery, but increase overall strength in all major muscle groups and joints.  This will increase recovery time and decrease the risk of re-occurring injury in the future.

Emphasis on range of motion during recovery time will allow for greater flexibility at all major joints.  This also reduces the risk of injury in future at major joints.

Coupling all the above mentioned approaches with ongoing physiotherapy treatment will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.  An increase in overall health will lead to a more active, enjoyable future.  

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Sarah Hornby (Burke)

Msc. PT, RMT


Tyson Hornby