The Benefits of Orthotics

What’s with our feet?  They get us from point A to point B, allow us to play with our kids, and participate in activities we enjoy.  There are many reasons to enjoy our bipedal abilities, however, our feet can lead to variety of issues.  Those of us who work on hard surfaces each day, have had previous leg injuries or joint pain, and diabetes can benefit from orthotics.

For those of us who are on our feet all day at work, on hard surfaces such as concrete, will more than likely suffer from foot pain leading to time lost in the workplace.  Changing work shoes/boots on a regular basis helps, and using a custom orthotic will alleviate and even correct the condition.  

A majority of people have lingering pain in knees, hips and back.  This can be a result of chronic pain, arthritis, or former injury.  There can be a connection between ongoing pain and the function of your feet.  Foot mechanics plays a vital role in our daily lives, and having a proper orthotic can be very affective in enhancing comfort throughout all lower body joints.

Nerve damage can be caused by diabetes.  This can lead to sensation loss unable to feel pain and cause stress and strain in other parts of the body. Many people use orthotics to reduce such strain.

Those of us who are athletes or weekend warriors can benefit immensely from orthotics.  They can help increase endurance, strength and performance abilities.  When looking for an edge in your respective sport, orthotics can be an option.

Tyson Hornby