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Preparing for the Ski Season

With winter fast approaching, many of us are getting excited for the upcoming ski season.  There are a few options around our area giving us the ability to participate in this very fun winter activity.  It is one of those activities the whole family can enjoy together.  From beginners to expert in the family, a day on the slopes is a wonderful time to be had by all.  With all the joy skiing can bring to the whole family, some of us have to face the harsh reality that our aging bodies may not be able to keep up to our “young at heart” mentality.

In the skiing world, knee injuries are all too common.  Some of the top skiers in the world are taken out of competition due to various knee injuries.  The most prevalent are ACL and MCL tears.  As weekend warrior skiers, we may not face a season ending injury, but be too familiar with chronic and acute knee problems.  In this case, a knee brace can be the right solution to allow you to continue enjoying the winter season without missing a mogul.

Knee braces are available in every size and shape.  It can be difficult to decide on what type of knee brace is right for you.  This is why it is crucial to speak to health care professional, such as a physiotherapist, to choose the right fit for your lifestyle and activity level.  There are two routes to pursue; Off the Shelf, and Custom Braces.

Off the Shelf bracing are more appropriate for individuals who are experiencing minimal pain in less severe injuries.  They can be more economically friendly and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They are ideal for temporary use.  A downside to Off the Shelf is they are a one size fits all.  This can lead to not fitting as properly as one would like, irritation of tissue around the joint, and effect overall comfort level.

Custom Knee Bracing can offer the comfort level someone deserves.  Especially dealing with a long-term injury.  Technology has come a long way, and bracing can be custom fit to individual needs.  Benefits include exact custom fit, the ability to customize if needed, ideal for more severe injuries, great for long term use, and better warranties available.

Before you get out on the slopes this season, think about bracing as an option to fend of those chronic knee pains by seeking a professional opinion on knee bracing.